Do You Know How to Stand out in Wear?

Do You Know How to Stand out in Wear?

How to stand out in wear while keeping warm is always a dilemma for us. To solve this problem, we have collected some dressing skills for you.

For fear of cold constitution, the warmest wear in winter is nothing but cotton clothes. However, when it comes to cotton clothes, many people have the impression that they are bloated and overweight. In fact, it is not impossible to stand out in wear.

Loose Top And Tight  Bottom

When wearing cotton and down clothes, in order to avoid looking bloated, we must follow the dressing principle of loose top and tight bottom. The lower part of the body can be matched with dark pants, or with high heels properly. It looks tall and can weaken the visual feeling of wide cotton clothes.


Highlight The Waist Line

It is also very important to highlight the waist line when wearing clothes. Highlighting the waist line can not only tighten the broad cotton clothes, but also lengthen the proportion of the body.


Coordinated Color

Pay attention to the choice of inner clothes and cotton clothes with the same color, so that the color looks more coordinated, the overall will be more concise.


Bright-colored Clothes

To break the black-white-grey system, we can match some bright-colored clothes appropriately so as to stand out in wear.


When you master these dressing skills, you can stand out in wear and be both warm and fashionable. What are you waiting for? Come to Stylishop and pick out the fashion items you want.


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